"Some singers weep and wail. Some singers whoop and holler. What I like about Alain Quinn is that with her music, she whispers. There's plenty to enjoy between her impeccable taste in cover versions and her confessional songs of the heart. Clearly this is a singer who likes jazzy flavors, and she uses her backing players to lay down a cool vibe whether she's tackling a standard or serving up something she came up with just last month. Take a break from all the musical commotion around you and chill for a bit with Alain Quinn." - Bill Cochran, voice of 87.7 FM

"Agent 99 (Ms. Quinn to you!) is a sensitive and sultry singer with a lot of feeling, as lovely to see as she is to hear! I am a fan and you will be too!" - Sugar Blue

"Alain has one of those voices that fill your ears like cotton candy in clouds, taking you on a beautiful luxurious ride letting your ears revel in the nectar of her whispering words. Her come hither-like tone lulls you into a tranquil state of consciousness. I love her!" - Frank Russell, bass guitarist & songwriter

"Her music has a quiet intensity which draws her listeners into a world of languorous melody and and seductive rhythm. A Chicago secret...but not for long." - Mike Levin

"Long before pop rock icons started breaking down the walls of the temple, Alain Quinn was challenging convention by mixing genres and debunking the myth of fame. If she needs you she'll just call you!" - Bill Brickey

"Alain is probably the most dedicated and hardest working artist with whom I have ever worked! She possesses a deep sense of confidence in her creative process and manages to transfer that into a passion that inspires others to create at an amazingly high level. It's reflected in her music...just listen!" - Orbert Davis, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic